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“Sultown” the Pupilla of the Investor

Sultown is constructed in Sultanbeyli a region where living areas are starting to position intensely in the recent years on an area of 4.120 m² nearby TEM highway, Sultown Çarşı (Sultown Bazaar) being located in residential areas and under residential areasis bringing a new breath of fresh air. Sultown has became a new center of attraction with the aesthetics of buildings and modern facade architecture as well as its restaurant to bank office, supermarket to pharmacy, dry cleaning to hair dresser and stationary and with many other shops which can give service to many requirements.

Sales period of flats varying between 90 m2 and 135 m2 in Sultown, and 13 different type of trade area varying between 231 m2 and 539 m2 in Sultown Çarşı is finished.