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About the Company

Alper Inşaat has become a company making a distinguished name in construction industry with high standard buildings since it has been founded in 2000.
Alper Insaat has taken step in construction industry with its activities in Ankara and Moscow, and showing continuous alteration and development today the company continues Riga, Venezuela and Istanbul construction projects intensively as follow-up projects of Ankara and Moscow projects.

Alper Inşaat, being not limited only with the projects mentioned above is continuing its studies by being directed to the provision of quality residential requirements for people who live in cities with populations over 1 million and who want to develop their standard of living.

Alper Inşaat, with its actualized prestigious residence projects has included added values to Istanbul’s renewed architecture, offering truest choices with the building quality for people who want to appraise their investment in residences. Besides the residence projects Alper Insaat is also among the most preferable companies for people who want to appraise their investments in trading area.