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Supplier Application
Corporate Name :
Address :
Phone No :
Fax No :
Name of the Company Executive :
Title :
 Other Authorities to Contact :
Presented / offered products to Alper İnşaat and related standards
(TS, DIN, ISO, etc.)
Quality Assurance System :  
 Has ISO 9001, Certification Institute
 In Formation Phase
 No official quality system  
Quality Control    
Performed systematically and records can be seen upon request  Yes  No
Certificate of suitability can be given for every shipment/party  Yes  No
Systematic quality control is not performed/not required  Yes  No
Trackable calibration of measuring and test equipments are performed  Yes  No
Storage and Delivery    
  Daily produced products are kept in stocks
The average supply period of orders are days.
Delivery can be made in behalf of Alper İnşaat  Yes  No
Description information or label exists on products  Yes  No
The controls related with products are retrospectively trackable .  Yes  No
Information about machinery / equipment (please send if there are brochures etc.)  
Number and Qualification of Employees  
Total employee
University graduate
Number of Technicians
Payment terms
References :
Name of the Company Executive (name) :